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In the original Darkfall lore (pre-2009) there is reference to the Orks pillaging the land in anticipation of the "Big Burning." This is when the fire dragon will destroy all of the lands, and the Orks will take over the entire world.
Written Pre-2009 Lore:
When the Fire Dragon is fully recuperated, she will emerge to take control over a united Orkish army, and together they will unleash the Big Burning upon the world. In the meantime, the Orks - who can hardly wait - do their best to prepare the ground for this rampage to end all rampages.
Marching under the banner of the Fire Dragon, the armies of the Orks are constantly on the march, forever seeking new cities to raze, new nations to conquer, and new people to sacrifice or enslave. To the Orkish warrior's mind, excessive planning is a coward's resort, while fancy tactical chicanery is a sure sign of effeminacy. Instead, Orks rely on a combination of unrelenting aggressiveness, death-defying bravery, and the natural-born bully's instinctive eye for weakness. While their behavior might seem erratic and irrational to outsiders, the Orks themselves see every battle, every sacrifice, and every torched village as steps on the road to the Big Burning, an Ork-administered apocalypse in which Agon is scorched clean and made ready for the reign of the Fire Dragon.
Who dafuq are we?
BURN is a group of Rise of Agon players that live for the fight..any fight. They specialize in providing materials, siege weapons, gear, strategy, and covert operations for any enterprising clan in conquest or defensive mode.
No job is too small or too big for this collection of adventurers that are hell bent on bringing about the fabled Orkish "Big Burning". The "Big Burning" is a legend told around Morak where the fire dragon will one day unleash her full fury upon the face of Morak, scorching the land and destroying all in her way. The mighty Orks will be there to extinguish the flames and take their place as the rulers of the lands.

What we look for within our clan:
  • Industry- We have active traders and crafters. We trade in raw materials, gear, siege equipment, intel, and combat support.
  • Combat- We live for the fight. There is a time to craft, explore, and quest, but when the battle horn blows we expect everyone around to participate. We have a place for pure combat oriented team members and welcome them to our family.
  • Loyalty- Clan members are your family. You will wOrk and fight by their side and always have each others backs.
  • Participation- If you are going to play with us, then you have to play with us.
  • Sense of humor- We laugh, break each others stones and like to have fun. We are all Orks at heart (ok, maybe a few trolls), so bring a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.
  • ARAC- Top leadership is, and will always be, for Orks only.  All other races who join the burning are slaves and servants to the cause.

For potential customers, we are always looking to buy, sell and trade anything listed below (and anything else you can think of):
  • Gear: Low on quality gear for an upcoming siege? Call the Big Burning.
  • Intel: Looking to make some money and know of an upcoming siege? Come shop your intel with us and you would be surprised to see how much cash you can make.
  • Mercenary Contracts: A few fighters short for an upcoming siege? We have combat trained members that can fill your ranks.
  • Raw materials: Everyone know that Orks have wood all day long. Your one stop shop for all things raw.
  • Siege equipment: if it goes boom or catches things on fire, then look no further.
  • Bounty Contracts: want someone's head on a pike? Let us show you the creative ways we can help you get your revenge.
  • Harrassment Contracts: Planning a siege? Let us soften your target up for a few days prior. By the time you get there they will be missing some crafting stations, some battle bags and already be demoralized.

About us: Mork and Gork were Ork siamese twins at birth and were joined by their left and right eye socket respectively. After the exercise that their mother dubbed "two heads is bedda den one" each brother was left with one eye and half of a brain. Growing up in Morak helped them refine their destructive skills and their ability to barter.
Disclaimer: Sometimes Mork and Gork won't help you because they don't like you. Sometimes they're too busy krumping each other on the heads to pay attention to your plea.

We are back in Darkfall: Rise of Agon!  We're going to be learning the game during open access, and then preparing for the full launch!  New Races, New Clan Name, etc!  

Check out the forum posts for details.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Gloomy a posted Aug 22, 16

Darkfall Rise of Agon

The team over at Big Picture Games has been rocking and rolling with updates.  Time to get in and promote their efforts to bring back the greatest game ever!  

Albion Online - Final Beta

Gloomy a posted Jul 27, 16

Pretty cool video, nicely done.

Final beta starts on Aug1.  This would be a good opportunity to learn the ropes of the "land grab" before final release.  If you will be playing please post on this thread.


Gloomy a posted Jun 30, 16

We're currently playing Overwatch!  If you want in on the action login to discord.  

For anyone coming back.. we use the discord MUCH more than forums.. so stop by.
Sure is! Added you on discord
Is there room for an Elf?
read this if you haven't! [link]
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